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Tradex Corporation is a trading company. It is a logistics company with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding import and export to and from Tanzania and the entire East Africa region. With our logistics partner and parent company Spierings Smart Logistics, we have nearly 100,000 m2 of storage space at Rietveldenkade in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Our warehouse has its own entrance, which leads directly to the container terminal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. All our sites are waterway-bound. This makes both shipping and storage very convenient for us and for our clients. All the spaces can be used for (nearly) all your export goods and products.

Our main activity as an import-export company is helping other companies, retailers and brands to find a market for their products in the Tanzania region. We represent these companies. We are always looking for new partners and new products to join us in entering the open market. Also you can check it on https://www.tradex-group.com/csgo-betting-real-money/

Logistics company as exclusive importer

As a logistics company, we are now the exclusive exporter to Tanzania for:

  • Baby care products
  • Baby food and milk powder, such as Nutrilon & the accompanying accessories
  • Products for personal care and hygiene
  • Industrial cleaning machines and accompanying products

Traco Outlet

Traco Outlet is a component of the Tradex Corporation. The Traco Outlet provides the perfect opportunity to sell overstock products to Tanzania and the East African region. As an import-export company, we already have an enormous supply of soap, shampoo, baby food and cleaning products in our portfolio. In addition, we also act as an agent for international companies; companies that want to transport their overstock from the European market to Tanzania by ship. Tradex would be happy to help you with this. We take care of all the documents, the air and sea freight and the work for the supply chain.

Taste of Tanzania

Agriculture is high on the political agenda. Our world is constantly growing. This means that more and more products are also being sold. But the supply is running out. We are looking for alternatives. With the Taste of Tanzania, we want to transport the wealth of fruits, oils, spices, cashew nuts and tea of Tanzania to Europe and bring it to the food market.

Tradex: your partner from A to Z

Tradex Corporation BV is the ideal partner to introduce your products to the market in Tanzania (and East Africa). We arrange everything for you: from A to Z. This also includes your logistics processing, promotion and sales at our own office in Tanzania. In Dar-es-Salaam, we use our own warehouse to sell the goods in our Traco Outlet. Companies, supermarkets, retailers, but also small, local dealers, can order their products here so they can then sell them.

In addition, we also offer consultancy services to companies and organisations; companies and organisations that are looking for investments and interesting sales opportunities in East Africa, particularly in Tanzania. We do product research/outsourcing and provide both the import and export services of the new market FOR Tanzania and FROM Tanzania.

As a professional import-export company, can we help you in creating a new market? In a region with an enormous population and enormous growth potential? Or would you like to import beautiful products from Tanzania, East Africa to Europe? Products like tea, cashews, fruits, oils and spices? Consider using our excellent service and feel free to contact us.

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