Urembo Na Sanaa

My name is Jessica Msamba-Lewycky, I live in Tanzania, East Africa at a town called Dar es Salaam.

I am an entrepreneur I have a small industry manufacturing soaps of different types ( herbal bathing soap, laundry soap) the bathing soap is made with Baobab oil and other Tanzanian herbs.

My company name is Urembo Na Sanaa

I met with Frank Bruurs and Hubert Ruers at a trade fair in Dar es Salaam, we started a conversation on marketing in Tanzania in general, and specific on household cleaning soaps.

After a lot of discussions it was decided to try one container of different types of household cleaning detergents (dish washing soap, all purposes, etc.)

The container arrived in Tanzania in 2015, I started marketing by going shop to shop selling directly to mini supermarkets and convenient stores, as well as going to trade fairs to introduce the products which are new in the market.

Tradex has been very supportive of the program from day one, it is committed to introduce to Tanzania a European standard product in affordable price. I believe that slowly the name TRACO is being recognized.

I am confident that with the kind of commitment Tradex (TRACO) has on entering the Tanzanian market will be successful with proper introduction and advertising support of the TRACO products.

Creating opportunities.

Tradex Corporation B.V. is your perfect partner to introduce your products on the African market.
Tradex Corporation B.V. will arrange everything for you from A – Z.
This service includes everything from handling your entire supply chain, over promotion and product launch in East Africa. This service is done from our company head office in s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) and our subsidiary office in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).
Besides all supply chain services, the entire export process from Europe to the EAC Region, we offer also consultancy services to companies, institutions and organisations. This is done particularly around product research and outsourcing of services.

Before a Cosmetic Product goes to Market...
1. Product Safety is paramount and is factored into ingredients selections, find formula selection and packaging choices to ensure that they are safe for the retailers and consumers;
2. Consumer & Clinical evaluation is performed to ensure the cosmetic product delivers on the claims and benefits that are expected by all consumers;
3. Microbiology conducts test;
4. Stability is conducted to ensure the cosmetic products formulation and packaging is compatible so that the product remains stable and safe throughout its shelf life;
5. Process development ..scales up the cosmetic product in the lab all the way to huge vats, ensuring quality control is maintained no matter where it is manufactured in the world;
6. Supply Chain purchases the materials to make the finished cosmetic products, so including the packaging and labelling the product can be produced for our retailers and customers.

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Meet our team.

Frank Bruurs
General Manager
Jelle van Hasz
Operational Logistics Manager
Hubert Ruers
International Account Manager
Bas Hoefsloot
Quality Manager