Thanks to Traco I’m contributing to the health of our new bornes.

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Business Description
product – service information

TRACO is a distributor with own supply chain for FMCG. Since it was founded 2014 in the Netherlands, it is working continuously on the quality-price formula with the central focus of its mission to their operational market in TZ – EAC. One of the goals are to carry on the business as general merchants, importers, sellers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, agents, representatives and dealers in FMCG goods, consumable articles of merchandise and general merchandise of every kind and description.

TRACO POINT CT store format

Based on practical points by containers ( 20FT ) that are conveniently sited in regions so that customers can find one of the TRACO POINTS establishments close to their home. This is the initial store format how TRACO became by a ‘classic’ TRACO POINT CT store. With a sales area of approximately max. 12 m² situated on the corner or area of there homes. So we creating work and employment and involve a lot of small-scale distributors and retailers in this Country. We will continue to work with others and to focus there areas where we can drive greatest and more changes.

Baby artikelen

Soap and shampoo to use to bath babies

Baby’s skin, especially a newborn’s, is sensitive, and all soaps are mild irritants. The function of soap is to suspend particles and oils on the skin surface so that they can be more easily removed from the skin with water.

Shampoos are similar to soaps and if overused can irritate the scalp and rob the hair of natural oils. Shampooing once a week is enough for most babies. Use mild baby shampoo; like baby soaps, baby shampoos from 4Your BABY or with your own brand TRACO.

Product description of some products from the entire Baby range.

4YOUR BABY “Baby Soaps”
Mild care with superaromatic -experience for kids.
Protects the skin against drying out.
Generated for gentle cleaning of baby´s and infants sensitive skin

Has a skin friendly pH factor 5.5

The gentle formula contains additional care substances such as allantoin and bisabolol and is free from dyes, PEG derivatives and soaps. The baby bath with chamomile is thus also suitable for the sensitive, stressed skin of the adult.

4YOUR BABY “Baby Shampoo”
Generated for gentle cleaning of the delicate baby hair and

the sensitive scalp. Has a skin friendly pH-factor of 5.5.

The gentle formula contains additional care substances such as allantoin and panthenol and is free from dyes, PEG derivatives and soaps. For this reason the baby shampoo with chamomile is also suitable for the sensitive scalp of adults.

Persoonlijke verzorging

Cosmetic Regulation in the European Union

The European Union Cosmetics Directive defines a cosmetic as “any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, hair system, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a view exclusively or mainly to cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their appearance and/or correcting body odors and/or protecting them or keeping them in good condition. “The European Union requires that cosmetic products placed on the EU market be safe; that is, they “must not cause damage to human health when applied under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.. The manufacturer or importer of cosmetics is responsible for demonstrating that the product is safe for its intended use.

Mogelijkheden creëren.

Tradex Corporation BV is de partner om uw producten in Afrika op de markt te introduceren. Wij regelen alles voor u: tot A tot Z. Dit geldt ook voor de afwikkeling van u gehele supply chain, promotie en opstart van verkoop van uw producten vanuit onze vestiging in Dar Es Salaam te Tanzania ( Oost Afrika ). Daarnaast bieden we consultancy diensten aan bedrijven en organisaties vooral op het vlak voor productonderzoek / outsourcing en verzorgen de gehele export vanuit EU naar de regio EAC.

Before a Cosmetic Product goes to Market...
1. Product Safety is paramount and is factored into ingredients selections, find formula selection and packaging choices to ensure that they are safe for the retailers and consumers;
2. Consumer & Clinical evaluation is performed to ensure the cosmetic product delivers on the claims and benefits that are expected by all consumers;
3. Microbiology conducts test;
4. Stability is conducted to ensure the cosmetic products formulation and packaging is compatible so that the product remains stable and safe throughout its shelf life;
5. Process development ..scales up the cosmetic product in the lab all the way to huge vats, ensuring quality control is maintained no matter where it is manufactured in the world;
6. Supply Chain purchases the materials to make the finished cosmetic products, so including the packaging and labelling the product can be produced for our retailers and customers.

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