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Tanza Coffee is a Specialty Coffee of exceptionally high quality from Tanzania. Only 5% of global coffee exports may be referred to as Specialty Coffee.

The coffee is grown by 30 small scale farming families in Aranga, a village at the foot of Mount Meru in northern Tanzania. The fertile, volcanic soil provides the ideal environment for cultivating the fragile Arabica plants organically. Tanza Coffee is lightly roasted to bring out the authentic and unique flavours of the coffee beans. It is available in Light Roast and Medium Dark Roast. The coffee is packed in 100% compostable bags of 250 gr and 1 kg.

At Tanza Coffee, women are encouraged to assume an active role in the group. In addition to activities such as planting, harvesting, washing and drying, women are also active in management positions within this small group of coffee farmers. Improving women’s incomes often contributes positively to reducing gender inequality. It makes women more socio-economically independent, which generally has a positive impact on the well-being of the whole family.

Tanza Coffee’s ambition is to positively impact lives of small-scale coffee farmers, particularly women in Tanzania. This is through introducing their great coffee to as many European coffee lovers as possible, while increasing the awareness of circumstances on which this great coffee is grown, by introducing them to the life and work as a coffee farmer.

The problem

Tanza Coffee also wants to market its products in Western Europe, at a fair price for the farmers.


Tradex Corporation has come into contact with Tanza Coffee via the Tanzanian embassy in The Hague. We help them by finding partners in Western Europe who would like to import this delicious fair trade coffee from Tanzania.

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