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Do you want to further expand your business worldwide? That can be a long-winded process. But not if you use Tradex Corporation as a logistics consultancy. With many years of experience, we now know our way around East Africa, Moldova, Morocco and Dubai well. We have the knowledge and local contacts to be able to act quickly.

The Tradex consultancy goes beyond just logistics. We can support and advise you, from the start of your export venture, in:

  • Product choice: which products do well in your intended country/continent?
  • Choosing country: which country is the best place to start?
  • Market-entry: how can you access the various markets?

Logistics consulting services

As a logistics consultancy, Tradex Corporation can also evaluate your existing business model for the foreign market. We advise you on a good route-to-market strategy, suitable for the country of your choice.

Tradex Corporation knows better than anyone the bureaucratic hurdles involved in setting up a new business in other continents. We map these clearly for you. And support you with advice and actions in every further step in this process:

  • Applying for the necessary permits
  • Product compliance: all regulations that products must comply with
  • Mapping out legal aspects
  • Tax matters
  • Correctly following customs rules

A B2B trade bridge with two-sided traffic

Tradex Corporation also builds a bridge between European and the rest of the world with small-scale business-to-business trade. In this way, we are for example contributing to the further economic development of the African continent. At the same time, we boost the well-being and prosperity of the local population.

As a logistics consultancy, we create new partnerships between parties that previously did not even know about each other’s existence. In this way, East Africans can get to know new European products, which are very popular with the fast-growing middle class. And vice versa. Tradex Corporation supports foreign entrepreneurs with logistics consulting services and helps them to offer their local products in Europe. Under good conditions and at a fair price.

Do you want to use the knowledge we have built up over the years for your company? And would you like to feel assured that you are getting good and reliable advice? As a logistics consultancy, we will be happy to assist you!

More information?

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