Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Frank Bruurs founded Tradex Corporation in 2014 based on the idea that ‘we have so much here and there is so much needed’. A trade bridge between Western Europe and the East-African Community (EAC) aimed at knowledge transfer, support and collaboration in a small-scale B2B model.

Tradex supports and advises European entrepreneurs who want to trade with East African countries. Tradex also offers support to local African entrepreneurs who want to further expand their business within their own country or by exporting local products to Europe.

Helping develop local entrepreneurship

Tradex wants to make a responsible social contribution to the further development of East African countries by building local entrepreneurship and helping it expand. We put African entrepreneurs in contact with European exporters. In this way, they can get to know new European products, which are very popular with the growing African middle class. Tradex can support these entrepreneurs in marketing and sales through training. In addition, Tradex Corporation also helps African entrepreneurs to offer their local products in Europe. Under good conditions and at a fair price.

In this way, we are contributing to the further economic development of the African continent. At the same time, we boost the well-being and prosperity of the local population.

Smart Hub Tanzania

In collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Smart Hub Logistics, in 2021 Tradex started a feasibility study to develop a multi-user warehouse (Smart Hub) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This concept is perfectly suited to the need for small-scale trade.

The concept of logistics in Tanzania and other East African countries is completely different to that in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The infrastructure is not always designed for large volumes. Consumer goods are often sold through kiosks and small shops, which, due to their limited space, have few options for stock storage.

By setting up a multi-user Smart Hub warehouse, local entrepreneurs can purchase small quantities of products directly from this central storage space. Many make use of microfinance. With their mobile phone, they can pay for the goods directly on the spot. Entrepreneurs then transport these products themselves to their kiosk or shop. As soon as the product is sold out, they can stock up again.

The Tradex Smart Hub will meet all Western environmental standards and, of course, specific Tanzanian standards. The warehouse design is based on low energy consumption (solar panels) and a minimal environmental impact. The creation of this Smart Hub will also contribute to employment, as local employees will be deployed for its construction.

Collaboration with the University

At the end of 2021, Tradex Corporation and the University of Dar es Salaam signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It was agreed that students would contribute to the further development of the Smart Hub concept in Tanzania through graduation projects and research. Students are thus able to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical applications, based on challenging research questions within their field of study.


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